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 Uh oh: LeBron James Broke Royal Protocol by Not Showering and Touching Duchess Kate
The British are angry that NBA Superstar LeBron James broke royal protocol when he met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last night.

Earlier I told you that LeBron showered before meeting the royal couple at the Barclays Center after a NBA game. Well it seems I was wrong. LeBron was unwashed and wearing sweaty gym clothes when he met the royal couple.
Mr. James did not dignify himself or the royals by at least changing his sweaty clothes before meeting with Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton following the Cavaliers vs Brooklyn Nets game. We British are taught as children that cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Furthermore, Mr. James broke royal protocol by touching the Duchess without authorization. Look at Kate’s body language as LeBron put his arm around her shoulder.
We Brits are not the touchy feely sort like you Americans. Touching is not allowed unless by invitation. Sadly, American children are not taught the importance of respecting the boundaries of someone else’s personal space.
I’m embarrassed for LeBron. I thought he knew better.
Hii ni kutoka Daily Mail:
Etiquette expert William Hanson told MailOnline that although the Duchess is unlikely to give Mr James the cold shoulder, he still should have kept his arm away from her.
‘Americans are much more tactile than we Brits and this is another example of an American being too touchy feely with British royalty. You’d have think they’d have learned by now.’
The 6ft 8in basketball star also appeared alongside the royals in a sweaty top, which some may regard as bad form.
Mr Hanson added: ‘A shower would have been preferable but he had just finished a game – so even more reason for him not have opened his pits by lifting his arm and placing it around Her Royal Highness!’
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