The owner of Oasis Bar and Lounge Nuru Mosha clarifying something to journalists at the The Hennessy 250's  Exhibitions.

Some pictures related to Hennessy

The Amazing Hennessy bottle
Some paints related to Hennessy 
The event was accompanied by live music

The Hennessy' s bar at Oasis Masaki
By Staff Reporter
The four-day exhibition to mark the 250 years of Hennessy was launched in Dar es Salaam this Monday,  at Oasis Bar, Masaki and it has attracted many people including artists, socialites as well as other arts stakeholders.

The event was accompanied by a live music performance and involved artwork and limited edition bottles done by different artists, profiling the history and heritage of Hennessy.

Speaking with journalists at the Oasis Bar on Monday where the exhibition is taking place, the owner of Oasis Bar and Lounge Nuru Mosha clarified that, The Hennessy 250 Exhibitionis a multidisciplinary event in which the exhibition showcases the treasures of its heritage.

He added that it reflects the vision that Hennessy has always had of itself and the world around it, a taste for the avant-garde and the pull of distant horizons.

" This hybrid cultural event and exhibition at Oasis Wine Bar with accompanying music and live performances, is a reflection of the unique bond that Hennessy has always maintained with the art world" he added.

He also added that since the Hennessy family were early patrons of the arts and have always been close to artists themselves, the exhibition would of course involve the arts.

"This has given us reflections of the longevity and permanence of its products in limited editions with prestigious signatures and even here in Tanzania. Hennessy is very proud to support artistic activities" he said.
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