HABARI YA MWANAMUZIKI NICK MINAJ KUVISHWA PETE HII HAPA;Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Blinged-Out Ring While Out To Dinner With High School Friends

Nicki Minaj doesn’t think DJ Khaled is crazy enough to stalk her silly, nor has she taken a restraining order out against the Miami DJ despite rumored reports. She actually thinks his latest marriage proposal, to promote an upcoming single and his new album, is pretty funny. Why not go along with it?

Last night, just days after Khaled’s creepy marriage proposal made it’s rounds online, Nicki was spotted flaunting a blinged out ring as she left Crustacean Restaurant with a few of her high school friends. The ring she was wearing, is not DJ Khaled’s proposed ring, but a rumored wedding ring that emerged on her finger some time this year. Her longtime boyfriend Safaree, has been wearing a matching gold one which has sparked whispers that the two may have gotten secretly married.

Meanwhile, Khaled is doing a great job of keeping his latest shenanigans up. He recently ” target=”_blank”>told DJ Felli Fel, that he’s not giving up:

Of course I want to marry her. I’m sure there’s other people who want to marry her. I just felt like I want to be honest with her. … I love the girl, I like her. … If she says no, it’s all good. She’s my friend. She might not be ready for marriage. I want kids, I want a lot of things, you gotta be ready for this, but, I’m gonna keep it real, I’m going to tell her how I feel. … She might say yes tonight or tomorrow, she might say yeah next year. I’m never gonna give up. I don’t ever give up on nothing I do
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