1. Bukoba, you're a land so beautiful, 

We are for ever happy and grateful,

To see you so blessed and graceful,
With potential so great and plentiful.

2. Bugabo, you're in no way a bugaboo,

Nor are you a practitioner of voodoo,
You're known to be as gentle as a doo,
And very much agreeable too.

3. Bukara, you happen to be small in size,

But you're great and worth to lionize,
Do something your people to galvanize,
So they can produce and socialize.

4. Ihangiro, you must cheer up and sing,

Stand prepared to take wing,
For you'll soon live like a king,
Your crops will much wealth bring.

5. Karagwe, you're a sleeping giant,

You can make it without being pliant,
Eschew counsel laced with cant,
Only struggle even if you must pant.

6. Kyamutwara, you're vivacious and charming,

You're good at culture and dancing,
But you're also good at working,
You have indeed a great future coming.

7. Kihanja, land of famed Bugonzi falls,

Listen not to disheartening calls,
Or anything sounding like balls,
Just produce much to fill the malls.

8. Kiziba, you're heavily sleeping,

Wake up and start seeing,
Opportunities that keep coming,
To make your land for ever humming.

9. Mishenye, you've crowned a new king,

This has to it an interesting ring,
You may now start to dance and sing,
And your praises will be a great ting.

10. Finally, let's all solemnly decide,

That we won't allow any divide,

Even if that may hurt our pride,

Or have our interests collide.
‪#‎Team‬ Bukobawadau

Credit;Enock L. Kamuzora
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