KUMRADHI KWA PICHA HIZI;Somewhere In Barbados, Rihanna Is Twerking

There is a lot of talk about certain stars ‘twerking in America’ but you ain’t seen nothing yet, until you take a trip to the islands for a Carnival.  Wine, grind, wuk up, sip something and let your inhibitions go.
This past weekend, Rihanna was spotted letting her hair down and having fun as she hit up some Crop Over festivities. She was joined by her friends Capricorn (former assistant to Diddy) and Melissa Forde as well as some of her hometown buddies as they took Barbados by storm.
Rihanna gets ready for Carnival
Rihanna and Friends take on Carnival
Rihanna enjoys Barbados Carnival
Capricorn and Rihanna Head to Carnival

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