1. Who's like mom, allow me to ask,
Bukoba woman, you can now bask,
In glory and honour, without a mask,
You begot us, and to fete you is our task.

2. Arise it's dawn, leave the catacomb,
Arise and enjoy the fruits of your womb,
Arise and sing, don't remain dumb,
Arise and work, or you'll eat crumb.

3. Kokutona, you're a very good herald,
You bear good news, precious as emerald,
Let the news inspire Mary and Gerald,
Let it invigorate Joyce and Romuald.

4. Kokutangilila, you receive many a guest,
With joy and love as well as zest,
May your love be your children's bequest,
May they start showing it at your behest.

5. Kokuhumbya, you know how to pray,
To keep disasters and misfortunes at bay,
Take up your sword and monsters slay,
Make sure we are safe from day to day.

6. Kokugonza, you love from the heart,
A love with the sharpness of a dart,
No matter what others may blurt,
Your love is as real as a hart.

7. Kokushekya, make us laugh a bit,
That'll liven us and sharpen our wit,
Our path in life will be clearly lit,
And our community closely knit.

8. Kokuletage, you're a great go-getter,
In business you're much better,
Than men who can't follow to the letter,
Advice on making prospects brighter.

9. Kokwangua, you're a stickler for speed,
For you it's almost like a creed,
Slothfulness is an unforgivable deed,
It's like planting a beggaring seed.

10.So wake up and move, Bukoba daughter,
Wear a broad smile, nay, a laughter,
You're great and you'll be even greater,
And your current burdens will be lighter.

Enock L. Kamuzora
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