1. No development is possible, without a dream,

A dream shows the way, much like a beam,
And always brings about, a triumph gleam,
And power like an engine, driven by steam.

2. Dream big, Bukoba Dreamer, dream real big,
Pop open your wine bottle, and take a swig,
So you can sleep soundly, undisturbed by sting,
And dream any blessings, that fortune'll bring.

3. Dream a rich Bukoba, where poverty is history,
From Ngote and Kaisho, to Rubafu promontory,
Where it's now easy, to donate for a dormitory,
And to be active in projects, that're participatory.

4. Dream a healthy Bukoba, where Aids is gone,
Where the memory of it, is told in hushed tone,
Dream that the business of malaria, is also done,
And that vectors have fled, as if from a drone.

5. Dream a dramatic change, in people's mentality,
Dream that true affection, has replaced hostility,

That kamunobele, is now consigned to obscurity,
And that everywhere you go, reins much fraternity.

6. Dream an education, which is state-of-the-art,

Surpassing what we had, before things fell apart,
An education that in life, provides a good start,
An education that'll keep one, from being a tart.

7. Dream modern infrastructure, bedrock of economy,

It's like blood vessels, taking food from the tummy,
Plus, it will stimulate interest, in rural agronomy,
It'll also be a redoubt, against vicissitudes stormy.

8. To dream big, you don't have to be a clairvoyant,

You're a dreamer, because that's what you want,
The bigger you dream, the bigger God will grant,
Dream big, dear dreamer, that'll be your new slant.

Enock L. Kamuzora
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