BUKOBA Auxiliary Bishop Methodius Kilaini has appealed to parents in Kagera Region to give proper guidance to their children and make their children grow up as good citizens.

Bishop Kilaini said parents need to encourage their children, both boys and girls, to be religious. He made the call at Itahwa Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, during consecration of three nuns who took solemn vows while three others took their first vows.

He noted that each person had his or her own calling, adding that when such a call is conveyed one should accept it without conditions and with an open heart.

He commended parents who encourage their children join convents and seminaries. Bishop Kilaini placed a shroud of thorns on the head of each nun who made their vows, a replica of the thorns placed on Jesus Christ at his crucifixion.

The nuns who made solemn vows included Sr Mary John of the Holy Eucharist, Sr Mary Paul of Christ the Saviour and Sr Mary Anton of the Child Jesus. Those who made their first vows were Sr Mary Marcy, Sr Mary Goreth and Sr Mary Gerturde.
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