Jay Z may not have been laughing when Solange was trying to lay the hand of God on him in an elevator last week, but it was all sh-ts and giggles last night as Jay and Beyoncé made an appearance at the Barclays Center. Amid the controversy, The Carter Show sat courtside as the Brooklyn Nets fell to the Miami Heat in the fourth game of the playoff series.
 After video leaked of Solo attacking Jay yesterday, the couple also found themselves the subject of a blind item reveal which claims that this isn’t the first time there has been a blowout in the Carter family. According to the popular site Blind Gossip, there was allegedly a similar blowout –this time between Bey and Jay — that took place backstage during last year’s Super Bowl and staffers were appalled that friends –including Kelly and Michelle — sat around as though this was a normal, everyday thing. 
They were all hanging out in the dressing room before the halftime show when the fight detailed in the original blind item occurred. Jay-Z was being controlling and BeyoncĂ© fought back. 

While the venue staffers were frozen with fear at Jay-Z screaming at his wife “YOU MOTHER F*CKING B-TCH!”, the bodyguards and Michelle and Kelly all seemed unaffected by the screaming, the swearing, and the physical altercation. It was as if this horrific behavior was so commonplace that they couldn’t even bother to look up from their phones. The venue staffers were also surprised that nobody attempted to remove Blue Ivy from the room while this was all going on. 

Although the site posted the original blind item that withheld names three days after last year’s Super Bowl (February 6, 2013), it wasn’t revealed that the couple was actually Jay and Bey until yesterday afternoon. This week’s events only prove that even your favorite couple goes through their ups and downs and everything isn’t always going to be picture perfect. Solo has been missing in action from social media since yesterday morning, however, the Beyhive was quick to pull up old tweets that showed that she does not play when it comes to men treating her sister right.
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