19 July 2016


Katika uwanja wa ndege mjini Bukoba wanawasili wajumbe wa shirika lisilo la kiserikali la Jambo Tanzania wakiongozwa na Dr.Mary Banda pichani kushoto

Jambo Tanzania is a nonprofit humanitarian organization of volunteers founded in Western Massachusetts in 1998 by DR. Mary Banda and Mr. Richard Pelland. Its mission is to serve as a lightning rod for critically needed health care and educational initiatives in he village of Bukoba and the Kagera Region of Tanzania.

Endelea kufatilia matukio ya picha na maelezo kuhusu Shirika la Jambo Tanzania

Pichani anaoneka Mr Rahym ambaye ndiye coordinate wa shughuli za Jambo Tanzania Mkoani Kagera

Katika picha ya pamoja wajumbe wa Jambo Tanzania mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege mjini Bukoba

Sehemu ya matukio wakati wa Mapokezi

Muonekane wa Jengo la Mradi wa kituo cha afya unao endelea kujengwa chini ya shirika lisilo la kiserikali la Jambo Tanzania

Ukaguzi wa Jengo la kituo cha Afya linaloendelea kujengwa katika kata ya Gera

Mr Rahym akitolea jambo ufafanuzi

Dr.Mary Banda

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Missenyi katika picha na Dr. Mary Banda
Uzinduzi wa mradi wa maji

Katika picha ya pamoja wajumbe wa Jambo Bukoba na Uongozi wa Serikali

Madaktari wa Meno wakiendelea kuwahudumia wagonjwa

Baadhi ya wagonjwa wakiendelea kusubiri huduma ya matibabu yanayotolewa bure kabisa

Background:Jambo Tanzania is a nonprofit humanitarian organization of volunteers founded in Western Massachusetts in 1998 by DR. Mary Banda and Mr. Richard Pelland. Its mission is to serve as a lightning rod for critically needed health care and educational initiatives in he village of Bukoba and the Kagera Region of Tanzania.

The region has been hit hard by the AIDS epidemic, leaving large numbers of children orphaned. Their poverty, and that of the remaining adults is unimaginable, and their needs daunting. Our volunteers that with our donors we can make a difference. Our volunteers travel to Tanzania at their own expense to staff the Clinic and provide hands on care. Until 2008, care was carried out in a pre 1900 building with a single room with no means of providing privacy. In addition, conditions were less than clean and bats resided in the ceiling. In 2008, after 10 years of fund raising , we were able to construct the first phase of the Health Center with individual exam rooms, a pharmacy and rooms for patient education.

Upon our arrival in 2000, it was clear the school in Gera was substandard. Thatched roofs leaked water onto dirt floors making education a challenge. In addition there was no secondary school for the children to attend upon completion of their primary education. With money donated by individual volunteers the entire primary school has been rebuilt with waterproof roofs, concrete floors, a teachers room and the first library in the area. In addition, upon seeing our progress, the Government of Tanzania constructed a secondary school nearby, thus allowing continuation of education for all children.

In 2008 we met with the Minister of Health and received recognition for our efforts from Parliament. We reached a combined goal of having our Health Center serve as the regional center for the Kagera Region.
Our Vision:To establish a Health Care Center in order to provide primary. Longitudinal health care, health education, immunizations and coordination of tertiary care to the 2 million residents of the Kagera Region of Tanzania.

At present The Health Care Center consists of a Reception Area, Individual Exam Rooms, a room for injections, a Dispensing Room/ Pharmacy, Storage Room and private Toilet Facilities. An enclosed area is available for health care education. In order to complete the Center, we plan to build a second building with a Minor Surgical Suite, Labor and Delivery room, Maternity Ward, Female, Male and Pediatric Inpatient Rooms, Administrative and Staff rooms and an incinerator. At present electrical power is supplied through a single solar panel, but it is our hope to add multiple additional solar panels and have an electrical line run to the facility.

In order to attract qualified and committed medical personnel, we anticipate the need to construct nearby housing. This will assure the presence of staff on a 24 hour basis.
In regards to the primary school, we hope to continue to supply daily multi vitamins to all school children, and monitor their growth and educational performance. We intend to monitor ongoing developments in the need for specific nutritional needs and supplements and incorporate them as necessary. We intend to supply the newly erected library with new books and educational tools to enhance the students education. Clearly access to the Internet is crucial to a balanced and diversified education. Enhanced access to electricity will help us lobby for computers and software for the students in Gera.
Help the Vision Real Need

Health Care Cente

We estimate it will cost at least $350,000 to complete the Health Center and $150,000 to staff and run it on a yearly basis. The rising cost of medication makes it difficult to project their annual cost. In order to make our dream a reality, we need your assistance. Inflationary costs will add to the total cost of construction the longer it takes us to complete construction. It has taken 10 years to raise enough funds to complete phase 1 of construction, and phase 2 requires a significant increase in expenditure.

Construction costs contribute to the lions share of expenses. However, additional donations listed below can allow us to purchase necessary items to make the Center a reality:
10 Mosquito nets - $60
10 thermometers - $10
1 Bedstand - $50
4 Stretchers - $500
1 Hospital Bed - $500
1 Suction Machine - $400
1 Operating Table - $10,000
1 Autoclave - $8000
1 Oxygen Concentrator - $3000

Utowaji wa zawadi ukiendelea..

The above are but a few items necessary have a fully functioning facility. Please consider partnering with us and bring adequate health care and education to this impoverished area of Tanzania.
Dc wa Misseny akikabidhi zawadi kwa Daktari bingwa wa Meno Dr. Frederick Kapinos
@Gera Kagera Tanzania July 2016

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We're so proud of you Dr Banda. What you're doing is amazing and may the Almighty God continue to bless you and your team abundantly.

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