Our Country Tanzania is now growing from different resources such as Industrial,Technological,Minerals,Agriculture and promises for development to all.
But obviously,the rates of progress are not visible for us to take pride in,or to be complacent about,other regions of our country have gone far ahead of us. Citizen of Kagera region are characterized and known as NSHOMILE(An intellectual).

Our region is not making sufficient progress,as substantial population increase is not matched by economic growth,improved infrastructure and such essential services as education,shelter,social care and health. Insufficient economic development is caused by inefficient government polices and Lack of innovation. Foreign and Domestic Investors are discouraged manifestations of poverty and illiteracy .The new generation of young people do not get job,housing and other benefit of the modern economies of the developing countries.

This results in more unrest continuing the cycle of youth engage with black deals in order to get daily bread and good life, but also increase of illiteracy and lack of development at all. The traditional cultural and spiritual values which have been the mainstay of our communities,seem to be loosing their grip over society. Sheer opportunism and value -less power politics have taken our place of principles and Idealism. Conflict has increased in the relationship between different communities,Religion and parties,Social evils like the ill treatment of women and child’s,Old ages,Widows,Learning Disabilities,Poor, including atrocities between them are on the increase. Corruption is corroding the vital of our Leaders, Politics and Society. At this moment there are increasingly number of illiteracy in some districts of the region, In this case there is hatred and grossly unjustified paranoia that to become the opium of minds,such that the life has become meaningless even to those to whom the future means so much.

If we decide to look at the matter a little bit more deeply we may come to the end conclusion that it is the youth's who are being misused by the politicians during elections campaign,and after elections no one is responsible for youth's problems and community at large. Our Politicians put their interest at upper most,while the interest of the community is either ignored or would look into with callous. This is fact which the youth of today are yet to fully realize.

We have to remember that youth is pole of Nation,The government should take immediately steps to save this generation,If youth are not prepared and guided properly at tender age,we can only be creating the time bombs ourselves.

Denis C.Sindano
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