18 March 2015


Pichani ni Ndugu Steven Thomas Tumaini mzaliwa wa Muleba Nshamba Kijiji Bugarama ambaye ametangaza nia yake ya kugombea jimbo la Muleba Kusini kwa tiketi ya chama cha mapinduzi CCM

Kaka Mc Baraka pole na majukumu ya kuhabarisha Umma,Kwa jina Naitwa Steven Thomas Tumaini natangaza nia ya kugombea Ubunge Jimbo la Muleba Kusini kwa tiketi ya Chama cha mapinduzi CCM 2015,Nia yangu nikuinua vijana kibiashara na kuwajali wazee. Shule ,kilimo na international business opportunity. Hatua za masomo ;Primary Kagondo B 1986-87na Burigi Ngote 1987-93 Wilaya ya Muleba. Secondary Nyakato Bukoba 1994-1998. A- level Kishoju sec 1999-2001. Diploma in Business ADM Cambridge UK 2004-2005.Degree Enterprenuer 2007-2010 Birmingham Univercity UK. Masters degree in Marketing Manamegement Birmingham city university 2010-2011. Mali juice Muleba driver and sales man. Marketing Manager Tesco Uk, Transport Manager Ocean link , Regional Business Manager Kilimo Markets ltd.

Steven Thomas Tumaini
P.o. Box 4 Muleba Kagera
Mobile: +255653754499 or +255759576433
Personal Statement
I have high impact on Business executive offering diverse track records and have managed to build brand recognition and sales momentum in business. I have managed to offer an exceptional customer service with my team. Excellent marketing and sales strategies plan in the industry with well known brand Virgin Media United Kingdom, Tesco and Kilimo Markets Tanzania.
Area of expertise
Brand strategy, Sales Logistic, Marketing products, global marketing strategy, strategic planning and execution, channel strategy, brand recognition, budget & cost control, forecasting and market research /customer insight and new products development.
Professional experience
September 2013-up to date
 Regional Business manager Kilimo Markets LTD (full time job)  visit
Sales and Marketing consultant, Quality control, brand strategy, marketing training & Development Quality control, branding, internal and external customer publicity, Management and coordinating KM activities within the Farmer Marketing Association (FMAs) target business.
January 2013-Augost 2013
Marketing manager Farm Africa Babati region
Core job description is to monitor and to control product quality, Value chain training, Market linkage trainee, and monitor and supervise small and large farm project, supervise seed branding, marketing and control supply chain to small and large Agro-dealers, transport management and logistic plan to support plans deployment on budget requirements.  To develop logistic contingency plans while formulating standards operating procedure including materials and personnel.
Jun 2007 - 2012 Branch Brand manager TESCO PLC UK (part time job)
Managing products and marketing strategies for services and product at this £1.3 million generated in five stores. Team leader in developing and implementing pricing strategy, I also conducted in-depth analysis on new and existing market trends.
Sample contribution
·          Launched Gorilla attack marketing campaign to combat competitive pressure and we generated income and new market channel obtained.
·          Assisting customers with enquiries, marketing plan, product trend
·          In the same period new sales strategy were introduced e.g. new product development
·          Contact with suppliers and managing inventory.

March 2003 – Nov 2006 Marketing & Sales Manager Muleba Agriculture and Local Industry (MALI) (full time Job and studying part time)
Working with Muleba farmers in various value chains which created brand identity that positioned the company (MALI) juice on the stage to breakeven point and strengthens the company on the position to compete with other competitors.   
Sample contribution
·          Dealing with suppliers chain and purchasing
·          Served as a leader in the developing of non-chemical juice and market research for Kagera region(value addition)
·          Launched trade show and conducted farmers day known as (Nane Nane) for the first time in Muleba district.
·          Launched campaign to encourage farmers to sale only organic fruits to the industry.
Additional professional background
Base line survey with Professor Kamanzi and Market research in Kagera and Mwanza region.
Education Affiliation
2010 to 2011      Masters (MSc) Marketing Management Birmingham City University
2007 to 2010      Bachelor of Arts Enterprise (Hons) University of Birmingham
2007 to 2009      Businesses & Management (HND) South Birmingham College
2007 to 2009      Baccalaureate in Marketing Administration (BMA) Cambridge College
2005 to 2006     Diploma in Business Management Administration Cambridge College

Other Short Courses
Jan 2009   Prince’s Trust; Management in Business plan, Marketing, Sales &financial resources
Nov 2009                          Advanced Business studies in presentation, Negotiation technique, Sales and Marketing
May 2007                         Biohazard and Sewage Awareness
Jun 2007 Protection of Vulnerable adults
Jun 2007 Health and Safety
Jun 2007 Appointed Persons First Aid
Dec 2004                         Base line survey

Hobbies and Interests:  Football, Cooking and Gym


Birmingham City Business School
Birmingham City University
City North Campus
Perry Barr
Birmingham B42 2SU
United Kingdom
+44 (0)121 331 5200  Email:

6 comment:

Prudence Karugendo said...

Mbona CV imeandikwa kwa lugha ya kigeni, au jamaa anataka ubunge wa Uingereza? Halafu hajaeleza kazaliwa mwaka gani, kuna siri gani hapo?

Anonymous said...

kaka i really doubt your education qualifications. your CV is not consistent. kwanza kuna miaka inaonesha ulikuwa Birmingham same time upo Cambridge na same same time upo bongo unafanya kazi na unafanya short courses.
unaposema degree ya entrepreneur unamaanisha nini?Bachelor degree, Master degree au PHD degree? then kingine bongo hatuna HIGH LEVEL tuna A-LEVEL (Advanced level).sitaki kukuchambua zaidi ila in short hadi hapo umedhihirisha kuwa hujasoma,hata sura yako sio ya kisomi bali kivuvi.
na jinsi uliandika personal statement yako na kusema ulikuwa brand branch manager UK then bongo ni dereva wa mali juice...kaka mbona havi connect?sema huko UK ulikuwa unaosha wazee. then referee huwa hatuweki marafiki weka bosi wako kazini au proffesor wa chuo ulichosema. pia hakuna bachelor degree ya mwaka1, jipange kaka.huna sifa wala sababu za kuwa hata mmbunge wa nyumba10.mnatuharibia sifa vijana tunaotaka kuleta mabadiliko ya kweli.usitafute sifa.kama CCM ndo mnataka kumtoa prof.Tibaijuka na kumuweka huyu kilaza,hapana.hapo naona huna tofauti na Mulugo.

Anonymous said...

2009 to 2010 bachelor of arts enterprise, what a such cheating, I had never seen such a fastracking bachelor award within a solid year to have managed to complete bechelor even if it is abroad. I doubt his credibility if he has undoubtdly provided fallacy information constituted in his cv. He has to unmask the truth since the position he is merely inspiring needs explitness.

Unknown said...

Amewahi fanya kitu hapo Muleba kama sehemu ya ushaidi kwamba ni mtu aliyeko karibu na jamii

Steven said...

Wadau nawashukuru sana kwa mchango wenu, sasa CV iko kwenye Kiswahili. Ila shule zangu ilikuwa full time na kazi part time. Wakati wa likizo (Summer time) kazi inakuwa full time. Ahsante na uzuri mambo yako kwenye mtandao. Vyuo nilivyovitaja unaweza kugoggle nakuona kama kweli nilipitia apo. Then from Driver to Masters degree it is a true story for those who knows me. I cant hide my back ground.I can scan and send the certificate for ur approval. This is politics my friend and u have the rights to comment to like and Dis like.

Anonymous said...

My friend thomas the information you have provided vendicates your hypocrisity hence needs to be authenticlated. While I'm contemplating your defense in previous comments you have just responded, I'm persuaded that you've again provided fallacy information. According to education system of UK there are no one year bachelor degree, for masters I don't have doubt since it is a normal european practice. What I need from you is justification of your bachelor. It will be worth noting if you present your certificates to clarify this evolving queries. Again, the position you are aspiring requires a person who knows the locality and the life style of people you anticipate to lead. I'm obssessed if you have such pre-requisite as most part of your life has been spent out of this context Consequently, you miss such vital creterion. converselly, what kind of experience do you have in leading the community? We are skeptical to elect a representative who will start from the scrach to learn how to lead. We need a person who is highly experienced with high consciousness regarding the community he is inspired to lead. mind you this is not a trial post, we need a candidate who can deliver promptly from day one. What is your experience in terms of part politics? Have you ever been a leader in previous days? Lacking such qualities you better stay a side and leave the races for the rest with such qualities.


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